Industrial Designer

Recent Projects

Free library falls of schuylkill branch 

As a community welfare project Jeremy Webner and his team of other designers, engineers and business economic associates were tasked with finding new and different ways to encourage more traffic to the Philadelphia free library falls of schuckill branch. Through research, expanding on ideas and opportunities, testing and evaluation the team reach a conclusive solution for the audit site. The final goal of the concept was to connect the entire community through the library. the team made the library a lokal that would attract all ages. Complete with a child daycare center and after school program on the lower level, quiet reading rooms and a community center lounge; the library was transformed into a community center were the library could hold its events that had already been in effect. In doing so, create a more fun and  safeplace for kids, a social hangout for teens, and a place for adults to relax. 


Coffee Table 

This very simple coffee table is designed with two spring powered levered compartments and a third bigger hinged one. This cardboard prototype showed above would be manufactured with aluminum rod legs running the length of the base with a wooden frame and countertop.


The Pineapple

This plastic molded decorative piece started as a yellow foam sculpture and was slowly refined and smoothed down. It was then vacuum molded on each side and clam shelled into the pineapple below.


  Razors, Dog Combs, Handles

These blue foam models came from exploring its material as well as create ergonomic gripping for devices  such as brushes razors and the like.

Interlocking Geometric Ceiling Tiles

In pursuit of a new style of ceiling tile these red and blue Greek geometric inspired pieces interlock to create various patterns of lines arrows and shapes.  The variation of color and pattern allow for this hanging cling to be customized to fit the customers preference.

Opposites Statue

In a Project of relationships one was asked to create a sculpture that spoke to one of the many opposites in the world this sculptures prototypes shown below are some of the working ideas for the opposite puppet and master.


Cardboard 3D figures 

In an exploration of cardboard three-dimensional models were made from two-dimensional images Isometrics and orthographies previously made.